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Our recommended places for getting blood and other product for thalassemia.

Weekly meeting for patients and parents

10 February 2006

BTF introduces weekly educational meeting for thalassemia patients and parents each Friday at 4:00 PM. The meeting will consist disscussion with patients and parent on different aspect of thalassemia.

Tax Exemption on Iron Chelators

29 January 2006

Bangladesh Thalsssemia Foundation has started a campaign for tax exemption on Iron chelators.Thalassemia patients and parents are requested to join to make the campaign successful. We are collecting signature to submit with the appeal to the authority.

Exjade, the new hope for thalassemia

19 January 2006

Exjade® (Deferasirox), the breakthrough once-daily iron chelator from Novartis has received US FDA approval on last November. Exjade is an easy to administer novel oral iron chelator, Exjade is taken once daily, after dispersing tablets in a glass of water or orange juice (100-200 ml). Exjade well tolerated, safe and effective in reducing total body iron in patients with thalassemia.

FerriScan for iron overload

16 January 2005

FerriScan is a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)- based new technology for the non-invasive measurement of liver iron concentrations.

In the past, liver iron concentration was only able to be measured by liver needle biopsy, an invasive and often painful procedure. Now there is FerriScan which is more accurate, non-invasive,safer and quicker procedure. It gives patients and clinicians the information needed for diagnosis and planning treatment of iron overload in thalassemia. The test received FDA approval on January 2006.

TIF Dubai Conference 2006

15 January 2006

Bangladesh Thalassemia Foundation participates in the 10th International Conference on Thalassaemia & Haemoglobinopathies and 12th International TIF Conference for Thalassaemia Patients and Parents held on 7-10 January 2006 at Dubai. Total 10 person from Bangladesh participated the conference. There was a meeting with TIF board regarding the thalassemia situation in the country.

Thalassemics Diary

15 August 2005
Thalassemics Diary- A clinical record book for thalaaseemia is now available online. Follow the link to download pdf version of Thalassemiac Diary.

The guide book is greatly influenced by WebThal a webbaesd thalassemia clinical record system. Special thanks to Mostafa Tahmid Ritu for designing the cover.

BTF introduces "Access Card"

9 October 2005
Bangladesh Thalassemia Foundation introduces Access Card a new concept to aggragate the facilities at different places under one umbralla. The card contains basic information of the patient.

Primarily this card will be used for getting discount at Popular Diagnostic center. Soon more facilities will be added.

Kelfer (Deferiprone) Available form the Foundation

19 October 2005

The only oral iron chelator available at this time Kelfer (Deferiprone / L1) is available form the Foundation at a affordable rate. This drug will be provided to the registerd thalassemia patients on prescripton of a hematologist, pediatrician.

Popular will give 40% discount

27 September 2005

Popular Diagnostic Center Ltd. a renowned specilized private diagnostic center will give 40% discount on all pathologicial test (blood count, serum ferritin, liver function) and 20% discount on all imaging test (xray, ultrsonogram, echocardogram) for the thalassemia patients.

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